Sunrise 1



The ink of the night

Gives way

A hint

A promise…


We are not sufficient unto ourselves.  The sun peeks through.  The eternal cycle comes round again to draw us in.  Dirt, water, seed…all are drenched with light.  Life breaks forth.

We humans are the privileged life that breaks forth from a special seed.  We are unified with the Creator, at once his child, His servant, His glory, and His promise.  And, yet, the first lesson we learn in the garden, on our knees, is humility.  We are the child, the servant, the glory and the promise only through the invitation of the Master.

It is no mystery that Christ so often speaks to us in the language of the garden.

The garden is sanctuary.  It is conversation with the Creator.  It is duty in the dirt fulfilled in blessing of the harvest…all of it given and received on bended knee as a thanksgiving to the One who is, in an eternal mystery, at once the seed, the Tiller and the Lord.

Give me one day in the garden, and I will be in heaven.





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