Out of the Maze

Lead me, O Lord, in your righteousness because of my enemies—make straight your way before me.
Psalm 5:8 (NIV) Scroll Divide Horizontal 2

Cornfield NewThe shoots of corn stand eight inches tall. The sun has only just come over the horizon, giving a pale pink glow to the morning sky. We are in the middle of the long western expanse of the cornfield, Vic holding a paper map in his hand and surveying the project. A smudge of jam on the corner of the map recalls the fun of last night as he and the kids had penciled in and erased lines. Together, they worked hard to plan the maze. Better yet, they had fun.

Today Vic is beginning to put their plan into action. The map is filled with straight Cornfield Maze Enterlines. He steps forward, pulling all the corn out of a row of dirt in an exact copy of the straight lines on his paper map, leaving a walking path through the cornfield. The trail through these baby corn plants will be almost invisible today, but what a wonderful adventure it will be when the corn eventually grows green and tall.

Cornfield Maze KidsCome fall, the great cornfield will hide a complex trail pattern of lines, turns, dead-ends, and hidden “rooms,” the whole maze carefully drawn out in the map in Vic’s hand today. One way into the corn maze. And among all the twists and turns…there is only one special way out.

As Vic works, cutting his path through the cornfield, I think of life’s trials this past year. Oftentimes, we felt blinded and lost in a maze. Today, catching the flutter of God’s map in the breeze, I am reminded of the Lord’s incomprehensible plan and His protection in our journey through life’s maze. He is the great Creator and Protector. He makes the crooked way straight.

Looking ahead to November and the fun of children laughing in the middle of the cornfield, I bow my head in thanksgiving.  God watches us in life’s maze.  He will bring us safely home.


PRAYER:  Lord, strengthen our trust in your plan for our lives. Help us feel the love you surround us with in the midst of our daily walk.  Amen.


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