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Hello, Jane,
I heard that you wanted to get in touch with me.


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Thank you, Deborah,

I watched your interview with Marcus on The Journey Home.  For many reasons, your personal story touched me deeply.

Specifically, for this request to connect with you, I am seeking some kind of counsel on the RCIA program I just visited.  I am a former agnostic who came to faith in my 40’s.  I am 62.  We have moved through a variety of protestant denominations and have landed at present as members of a Lutheran church.  In the past five years, largely through the influence of EWTN programming and my own reading, I am drawn to enter the Catholic Church.  My husband has no interest and seems to feel my Catholic interest is a rejection of his faith.  He is a wonderful man. He is not hostile, but hurt and wary.

With this background, I attended my first RCIA class on Wednesday.  I came away very disheartened.  I called The Journey Home ministry to get more info on the basics of RCIA, to understand the guidance given to this program from the Church, and to share my concerns.  The man I spoke with agreed that my concerns were valid.  But he had no effective suggestions.  Largely…his counsel was to wait a couple of years until “you are inside the church and then see what you can do in your own parish to bring about change for the parish.”

If you are able and willing, I would appreciate being able to discuss RCIA with you and to get your perspective.  FYI – I also taught school for 11 years, including a special emphasis on math…at a more elementary level than your own.

I remain committed to entering the Catholic Church in God’s time, giving special consideration to sharing Christian worship with my husband. I know your life is full, and if you are able to give any time to this request, I will certainly honor your limitations on such dialogue.



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Hello Jane!

I went to your site last night after I received the forwarded message.  God bless you!

Being the first Catholic on my mom’s side of the family has been a blessing most times.  I am very sensitive to the fact that they don’t agree with me, but I am also aware that sometimes I see things as a slight, when they really don’t mean it that way.  Hopefully through prayer and understanding, your husband will see that your faith will make you a better person.  The sacraments are powerful!  They have made such a difference in my life!

As far as RCIA programs go, every parish is very different.  I did a lot of research myself before ever entering RCIA.  But I have heard some bad stories from others.  I know that the program I entered was off to a very slow start.  It took a while for the teachers to hit their stride.  Perhaps you can talk to the priest about it, or even ask him questions that you need clarification on.  I know I loved classes when the priest was there.  If you have any questions or concerns, I would be happy to help if possible.  E-mail is fine; I tend to check it every few days.

Do you have a Facebook page?  I am on FB almost every day so that may be the best way to contact me.



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